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 Leonardo Leonardi

 Leonardo Leonardi
Veterinary Pathologist

Leonardo Leonardi is Professor of Molecular Pathology for the Course in Biotechnology and Professor of General Veterinary Morphopathology for the Course of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Perugia (Italy) and Honorary Professor for Veterinary and Biotechnology at the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest (Romania).

World Chair of International Veterinary Pathology Coalition, elected from 2017 at the International Annual Meeting of American College of Veterinary Pathologists in Vancouver – Canada.

Member of the Governing Council of the CEMIN (Center of Excellence on innovative nanostructured materials), member of the board of directors of T.U.C.E.P. (Tiber Umbria Comett Education Programme – International network for knowledge and job), member of Erasmus Commission for Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology at University of Perugia, delegate of the Department of Veterinary Medicine for the Commissions of T.U.C.E.P. and Job-Placement at UNIPG, national coordinator of local Unit of the European Project title: Supporting biotechnology students oriented towards an entrepreneurial path, approved from Erasmus+ European Community (European Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Florentina Matei – UASMVB).

He collaborate scientifically and participated in training and educationl activities worldwide, as like as at UASMV – Bucharest, Romania.

Invited keynote speaker and chairman in different international universities, meetings and research institutions in the context of Biotechnology, Veterinary and Human Medicine.

He is author of about 150 papers in international peer-reviewed journals, congresses and book chapters.

Referee of ministerial scientific research projects in Italy, evaluator for italian ministerial Committee for evaluation of research, Associate Editor and referee for many international journals.

Treasurer of A.I.P.Vet (Associazione Italiana di Patologia Veterinaria).

Member of the board of PhD in Medicine and Pathophysiology of pet animals and member of the board of PhD in Biotechnology at University of Perugia – Italy.

Delegate of the Department of Veterinary Medicine for the joint teaching committee of the Courses in Biotechnology.

Member of Scientific Board of the International Conference of the Universityof Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest – Agriculture for Life, Life for Agriculture.

Coordinator of the official agreements with University of Florida and University of Georgia – USA.


Paper title: Biotechnologies applied to medicine: liquid biopsy-based methods for the detection of circulating tumor cells.


 Nicolae Corcionivoschi

Nicolae Corcionivoschi

Prof. Dr. Nicolae Corcionivoschi is a Principal Scientific Officer, Head of Food Microbiology Department at the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute in Belfast and Head of the United Kingdom Reference Laboratory for Milk and Milk Products. Having originally studied at Banat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, King Michael I of Romania, Nicolae went on to study for his PhD in Microbiology at the University of Edinburgh, and continued his research career at University College Dublin and the National Children Research Centre, in Ireland.

His research interests include bacterial virulence, isolation and testing of novel pre and probiotics, development of novel technologies for a more efficient detection of food-borne pathogens. His laboratory is performing advanced research in developing methodologies for quantification of Campylobacter in poultry based on virulence of individual species and also identification of novel genes involved in the pathogenesis of this microorganism. His research group is also performing research trying to understand the composition of the chicken gut microbiota and how this relates to the presence of bacteria posing a threat to human health and especially in finding ways to manipulate the gut microbiota to reduce their presence.


Paper title: The effect of natural antimicrobials on Campylobacter pathogenicity


 Daniela Borda

Daniela Borda

Daniela BORDA, graduated in 1993 from the Faculty of Food Technology, in 1999 she obtained a MSc degree and acquired, in 2005, a PhD degree in Industrial Engineering at the Dunarea de Jos University of Galati, Romania (UGAL). From 2007 to 2014 she was the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Food Science and Engineering at UGAL. She is currently a professor, giving lectures in Food Quality and Safety, Dairy Technology, for bachelor and master students. Her main research interests are related with high pressure processing, dairy science and gas-chromatography. She was an internal and external examiner for several PhD theses. Daniela Borda served as a reviewer for the Journal of Dairy Science (ADSA), Journal of Food Processing and Preservation (Wiley), Food Chemistry (Elsevier), Food and Chemical Toxicology (Elsevier) and other scientific publications. As food safety expert, Daniela Borda is involved in third party audits with the Romanian National Accreditation Body –RENAR. Daniela Borda is the director of Romanian Academica Publishing House, with more than 100 scientific books published and over 50 titles in food science. She was the lead Editor for Trends in Fish Processing Technologies book published by CRC Press in 2017.


Paper title: A fresh perspective on hurdle applications in foods by high pressure processing


 Miljan Cvetkovic

Miljan Cvetkovic

Miljan Cvetkovic is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Banja Luka. He is Head of the Institute of Horticulture at the Faculty of Agriculture. He teaches BSc and MSc courses, and conducts research into a range of subjects related to fruit crops. His research interests focus on high-efficiency training systems, particularly for stone fruits and berries. He has been engaged in FAO projects as a National Consultant on Fruit Production in Serbia for more than three years. Recently, he has spent eight months as a Fulbright Scholar in the USA (Michigan State University and Oregon State University), studying new high-efficiency training systems for sweet cherries. Dr. Cvetkovic has expertise in the implementation and coordination of research activities (FP7) and capacity building projects (Tempus, Erasmus+).


Paper titles:

1. Intensification of plum production (20 years experience of intensive plum production on vigorous rootstocks)
2. State of the art of raspberry production in Bosnia and Herzegovina
3. Sweet cherry in the USA: practice and science.


 Gabriele Mack

Gabriele Mack

Gabriele Mack has a PhD in agricultural economics from the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany. Since 1996, she is a senior researcher at Agroscope in Tänikon, Switzerland. Agroscope is the Swiss centre of excellence for agricultural research, and is affiliated with the Federal Office for Agriculture. Her research focuses on agent-based modelling, sustainability assessment and policy evaluation. She has a long standing experience in assessing the economic impacts of agricultural policy measures using econometric methods and agent-based modelling. Gabriele Mack is author of more than 50 scientific publications in this field.


Paper title: Impact of the CAP payments on the vitality of rural areas